Buchiage Parance #11 – Pre-release Info

Buchiage Parance #11 (CD+DVD)
Release Date: 9/22/10
Price: 2848 yen

Right, let’s try this again. Victor Japan initially announced Buchiage Parance for release on March 24 but canceled the album soon after. Well, it looks like they’re giving it a second try this September. Again, it’ll be a CD+DVD release, with the CD featuring a non-stop mix of trance, euro, and psychedelic songs. All of the announced tracks so far are repeats from Trance Rave Best 19 or the Koakuma magic series.

01. Just Dance / De-Grees
02. Total Eclipse / DJ Ozawa
03. Alive (Megara vs. DJ Lee Remix) / Apollo
04. nuts on you ~Aoi Umi e~ / Saki Namba
05. I Love R ~Bara no Yuuwaku~ / Sayo Hayakawa
06. Last Emperor (Fiber Tek Remix) / DJ Joker vs. Heavens Wire
07. Universe / DJ Yoshinori
08. Stand River / Arpeggio
09. Shibuya Nation -Cool & Sexy- / Yumachi & Mari Komatuzaki

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