Hime Trance Speed – Pre-release Info

Hime Trance SpeedHime Trance Speed
Release Date: 7/30/08
Price: 1886 yen

Long live SPEED! Many of us had thought that the Speed series had ended with the lackluster Happy Speed, but EMI have announced a brand new entry set for release this July. Details are sparse at the moment, but according to an advertisement in the liner notes of Hime Trance Best, Hime Trance Speed will feature both the familiar “Hime Trance” sound as well as the “Dancemania” sound. Anime covers are also set to appear. The logo to the left was revealed in the Hime Trance Best booklet.

The only confirmed artist so far is Kei. Of course, it wouldn’t really be Hime Trance if Misa and Tsukasa didn’t also make an appearance, so don’t be surprised if they make an appearance as well.

EMI presumably still have a good relationship with Saifam and LED, which hopefully means we’ll finally get new Jenny Rom, Rose and/or Judy Crystal.

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