Super Best Trance 09 – Digital Downloads

Super Best Trance 09Super Best Trance 09
Release Date: 8/6/08
Price: 150 yen per track

Full versions of tracks from SBT 09 are now available for purchase on various Japanese download sites. The only viable option for those not living in Japan is Avex’s own mu-mo service:

For info on how to buy from mu-mo, check out Mikaeru’s very informative thread on Eurobeat Prime. Keep in mind that the files up on mu-mo are mostly 128 kbps wma files that are DRM protected. The tracks are 150 yen each, and unfortunately there’s no option to buy the entire album, so if you want all of the tracks you’ll have to shell out 3300 yen.

Am I the only one pissed that Avex mostly put up radio edits? In some cases the edits on the actual nonstop CD are longer than the “full versions”!

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