Mega Trance Speed – Update

Mega Trance Speed
Release Date: 12/3/08
Price: 2095 yen

An early track list has already been released, and it’s a whopper. Early list and analysis after the jump.

The first two tracks are Quake licenses. “Caramelldansen” will probably be the Speedycake remix again, but “Caipirinha” could be the new Ryu* remix.

Scratch what I said about Tsukasa’s “Prologue.” From the looks of it we’ll be getting a brand new speed remix of “Kira Kira” instead! I wonder if it’ll also appear on Tsukasa Mix?

There’s a healthy amount of Mega Trance tracks present, including brand-new remixes of “Another Night” and “La Bomba,” which should be awesome sped up. Also of note are new remixes of the eurobeat tracks “Stay” and “Inspiration.”

Although not listed below, there will also be speed remixes of Groove Coverage, Oriental Space, and Overhead Champion.

01. Caramelldansen / Caramell
02. Caipirinha / Carinho
03. Sousei no Aquarion / mioco
04. Kira Kira (o^-’)* / Tsukasa
05. Another Night / DJ Tora + R-seq
06. Stay / Eri
07. Inspiration / Eri
08. Layla / DJ U*Hey? vs. DJ Minagawa
09. Eye of the Tiger / Texas Boys feat. Suck Man
10. La Bomba / Eddy Wata
11. Love Happy / Shibuya Trance Koujou Iinkai

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