Exit Trance presents Akachan Trance with Rokubou – Final Release Info

Akachan TranceExit Trance presents Akachan Trance with Rokubou
Release Date: 11/5/08
Price: 2000 yen

Yeah, this is weird. Once again, “akachan” translates to “baby,” so this is basically Exit Trance presents Baby Trance. All of the songs are typical children’s songs in Japan.

Rokubou, by the way, is the weird deer baby on the cover. I’m not entirely sure what its significance is, though if I had to guess it’s probably a popular character on a children’s TV show.

Final list after the jump.

The first track is a cover of the theme song from Studio Ghibli’s latest movie. In fact, there’s quite a bit of anime present, so don’t be surprised if some of the songs cross over to Speed Anime Trance Best in the future.

01. [3:07] Gake no Ue no Ponyo / Ryu* feat. Maki-oneesan to Prince-oniisan
02. [3:08] Oshiri Kajiri Mushi / Helium-Chang
03. [2:58] Onara Taisou / Icon feat. Prim
04. [3:36] Oppai ga Ippai / MicH
05. [2:56] Do Re Mi no Uta / Maki
06. [3:36] Pythagora Switch Opening Theme / Icon
07. [3:35] Mori no Kuma-san / Maki
08. [2:33] Genkotsu Yama no Tanuki-san / Teacher
09. [2:14] Ooki na Kuri no Ki no Shita de / Hommarju feat. Maki
10. [1:30] Spoo no Ekaki Uta / Acid=Stone Valley feat. Maki-oneesan to Prince-oniisan
11. [3:29] Alps Ichimanjuku / B.U.S.
12. [2:51] Musun de Hirai te / Maki
13. [2:58] Mary-san no Hitsuji / MK
14. [2:16] Algorithm Taisou / Sensei
15. [3:41] Senro wa Tsuzukuyo Dokomademo / Icon
16. [1:34] Doraemon Ekaki Uta / Acid=Stone Valley
17. [3:54] Anpanman March / Maki
18. [2:18] Ookina Fura Dokei / Acid=Stone Valley feat. Teacher
19. [3:46] Chun Chun World / She Knee Tie
20. [2:39] Kira Kira Boshi / Icon

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