Super Best Trance 10 ~The Best~ – Pre-release Info

Super Best Trance 10 ~The Best~
Release Date: 1/7/09
Price: 2427 yen

To recap, SBT -The Best- came out after the first four releases (SBT I-IV). SBT Request Countdown came out after another three releases (SBT V-VII). And now SBT 10 ~The Best~ will be coming out after only two releases (SBT 08 and 09). At this rate SBT 11 will be another best-of release!

To be fair, 2427 yen isn’t too bad for a 2-disc set, though I really can’t imagine how they can fill two discs unless they take tracks from all of the previous 9 main releases and dozens of other spin-offs.

The only announced tracks so far are:
01. Ass Up! (DJ Ten Remix) / Baracuda
02. And She Said… / Lucas Prata
03. Be the One / Overhead Champion
04. Santa Maria / Tatjana
05. Stayin’ Alive (DJ Tora Remix) / N-Trance feat. Ricardo da Force
06. My Name Is Supergirl (DJ Ten Remix) / Supergirl
07. Tokyo / DJ Kaya feat. Keen & Steven A. Haynes
08. Move Your Love / Sean & Kim

Prediction: Avex will license Quake’s trance cover of “Night of Fire.” Also, “Sousei no Aquarion” and/or “Caramelldansen” will appear for no reason9

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