Anime*Max – Final Release Info

Release Date: 4/22/09
Price: 2500 yen

Anime*Max comes out this week. Unfortunately, no retailers are listing the complete track list, but Amazon do have a partial list with artists. I do have a copy on the way, so I’ll post the full list along with a review as soon as possible.

01. Seikan Hikou
02. Seishoujo Ryouiki / Banbi
03. Naraku no Hana / Yoko Kobayashi
04. Zankoku na Tenshi no These / Kayoco
05. Lion / Yu=>Ka
06. Next Season / Yuka
07. Sousei no Aquarion / Kayoco
08. Gravity / ayaco feat. Sideburn
09. Angel Night / Maiko
10. My First Kiss / Sideburn
11. My Sweet Home / Tammy
12. You / Maiko
13. Joint / Banbi
14. Sorairo Days / Erena
15. Hishoku no Sora / Yu=>Ka

Expected bonus tracks include a cappella versions. If you pre-ordered early you’ll get a sticker featuring the jacket artwork, but CD Japan claim to be out of first-press versions now.

Pre-order at CDJapan.

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  1. DJ Tomoe Says:

    I don’t know why,but I like the cover.
    Lion,Cruel Angel,Sorairo and Joint. How many covers does Japan need? Same for Aquarion,but at least that’s a good song I can hear over and over. D:

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