Quake Trance presents Quake News #03 – Final Release Info

Quake News #03Quake Trance presents Quake News #03
Release Date: 5/8/09
Price: 951 yen

I’m pretty sure Helios, who selects the tracks for this series, is an unabashed fan of Smile.dk, so I’m kind of surprised that he hasn’t found a way to include them yet. The actual list is mostly the same old Handz Up (do people still use that term anymore?) from the same old artists.

01. [3:14] Welcome to the Club (Video Mix) / Manian
02. [3:07] Where Are You Now (Radio Edit) / Italobrothers
03. [3:53] Take My Hand (Cc.K Radio) / Sam G
04. [2:59] Maniac (Single Mix) / Topmodelz
05. [3:20] Promise Me (Single Mix) / Axel Coon
06. [3:11] You Wanted Love (Kindervater Radio Edit) / 2 Vibez
07. [3:29] Wake Up (Radio Mix) / Deepforces
08. [3:45] Time (Club Radio Cut) / Grissom and Stokes

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