Anime Nitro*Itaoto Mix! – Update

Anime NitroAnime Nitro*Itaoto Mix!
Release Date: 6/24/09
Price: 1905yen

kors k + K-On = KO! PREget Music have put up a website for Anime Nitro with samples for all of the tracks as well as a special 12-minute crossfade medley: Anime Nitro Official Site. The kors k remix of “Don’t say ‘lazy'” sounds amazing, as does the PDC remix of “Lion.” I’m surprised that some of the later songs are more jazz than trance, though.

The album is already out of stock at Amazon, who claim that it’ll take 1-2 months to get a copy. Dunno what the situation is at CDJapan or HMV. As for digital versions, King Beat have put up tracks from PREget in the past. The only problem is that King Beat haven’t updated in a month, leading me to believe they’re either on a really long vacation or worse, out of business. 🙁

Edit: I’ve been informed that the official romanization for the title is “Itaoto Mix!” and not “Itaon Mix!” which is what CDJapan was listing it as.

01. Don’t say “lazy” (kors k Remix) / kors k feat. Sayuri
02. Motteke! Sailor Fuku (Honto ni Motte Itte Ii no? Sailor Fuku Remix) / Redalice feat. Se~ko, Ei, Ramune, Ichigo Shiratama
03. Seikan Hikou (Redalice Remix) / Redalice feat. Maki Yuzuki
04. Lion (Punk Dirty Channel Remix) / Punk Dirty Channel feat. Solashita Yu=>Ka
05. Over the Future (Jing vs. Muzik Remix) / Jing*da*Law vs. Muzik feat. Nami
06. Shangri-La (Jing*da*Law Remix) / Jing*da*Law feat. Maki Eguchi
07. Miracle Plan ga Dekichatta! (steel mix) / Miraiha feat. Nami
08. Higurashi no Naku Koro ni / Betwixt & Between feat. Maki Eguchi
09. Never (Naked Remix) / Querux feat. Maki Eguchi
10. Sorairo Days (Punk Dirty Channel Remix) / Punk Dirty Channel feat. Miroku
11. Pre-Parade (Kikuo Remix) / Kikuo feat. Hinata
12. Niji (Rainbow Architecture) / tokarev feat. Nami
13. Happy*Material (Kikuo Remix) / Kikuo feat. Yuzu Himekami
14. Sousei no Aquarion (Taishi Remix) / Taishi feat. Hinata
15. Blue Water (Blue Water DJ Sharpnel Remix) / Sharpnel feat. Hinata
16. Keikenchi Joushouchuu* (Punk Dirty Channel Remix) / Punk Dirty Channel feat. Yuzu Himekami with Se~ko, Ei, Ramune, Ichigo Shiratama

Order at CDJapan.

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