Anime House Project ~Shinkyoku Selection~ Vol. 1 – Final Release Info

Anime HouseAnime House Project ~Shinkyoku Selection~ Vol. 1
Release Date: 8/26/09
Price: 1905 yen

Official site is up:

The final list is the same as the early one, albeit slightly rearranged. The track lengths indicate that the songs will be full versions.

01. [5:08] Don’t say “lazy” / Arm (IOSYS) feat. Anporin
02. [5:36] Sorairo Days / Dr. Arm (Albatrosicks) feat. miko+Resurrection (Albatrosicks)
03. [4:45] Zankoku na Tenshi no These / Sound Holic feat. A~Ya
04. [5:24] -Rondo- revolution / D.watt (IOSYS) feat. Yuuko Megur
05. [4:57] Blue Water / fishtone (TTB Studio) feat. Beat Mario (Cool & Create)
06. [4:17] Believe / Redalice (Alice’s Emotion) feat. Ayumi Nomiya
07. [6:52] Eternal Blaze / Arm (IOSYS) feat. Asana (IOSYS)
08. [5:24] Yume wa Owaranai ~Kobore Ochiru Toki no Shizuku~ / Tetsushi (Red Hot house) feat. Anporin
09. [6:02] Sousei no Aquarion / Boido (IOSYS) feat. ichigo (Kishida Kyoudan & The Akeboshi Rockets)
10. [5:30] Butter-Fly / AVSS feat. nyanyannya (Team. Nekokan)
11. [4:47] Yume o Shinjete / D.watt (IOSYS) feat. witch (Sound Cyclone)
12. [6:02] Tori no Uta / Arm (IOSYS) feat. Rekka Katakiri

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