Buchiage Parance #10th Best – Pre-release Info

Buchiage Parance #10th Best (CD+DVD)
Release Date: 9/23/09
Price: 2848 yen

The 10th release in the long-running Buchiage Parance/Trance series has a strangely perplexing title. Placing a # sign in front of an ordinal just strikes me as bizarrely redundant. Then again, this is the country that gave us Super Anime Remix Super Best. I really hope this isn’t another Best release, though, since they already released one shortly after Buchiage Trance #6. CDJapan’s description does mention that it’ll be a mix of best hits and new songs. Let’s just hope it’s more of the latter. #9 had mostly Akiba Koubou songs, and I’d expect this one to have those as well as Euro Panic! repeats.

The series has sold over 1,000,000 copies over the past few years, but sales have declined recently. With Wa Euro Best selling well, however, the appetite for Euro may be on the rise once again and we could see another surprise hit on our hands.

Pre-order at CDJapan. Amazon Japan also have it for only 2,452 yen.

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