Exit Trance presents Speed Anime Trance Best Ecstasy Third Season – Final Release Info

Ecstasy 3Exit Trance presents Speed Anime Trance Best Ecstasy Third Season
Release Date: 10/21/09
Price: 1905 yen

Even more trance covers of bishoujo game themes. Again, no Ryu*.

I can’t say I recognize any of the songs except for “Kimi o Nosete,” whose inclusion is pretty baffling. When I think of bishoujo games I don’t exactly think of Ghibli.

01. [3:22] Princess Party ~Seishun Kinshirei~ / MK feat. Maki
02. [4:06] Promise ~Tsukiyo no Kioku~ / Icon feat. mi-mi
03. [4:02] Futari no Basho / Hommarju feat. R. Cena
04. [4:56] Seiza / Icon feat. Latte
05. [3:49] I hope so… / MK feat. Nahoko
06. [4:18] Hanakotoba / Acid=Stone Valley feat. Latte
07. [3:54] Ayumi / Cubby-S feat. Natsuhi
08. [4:41] Arigatou / Acid=Stone Valley feat. Nahoko
09. [4:42] Powder Snow / B.U.S. feat. Latte
10. [3:34] Start / Cubby-S feat. mi-mi
11. [3:23] White Album / Dizzi Mystica feat. Natsuhi
12. [4:06] Niji o Mitsuketa You na Iro de / Starving Trancer feat. R. Cena
13. [4:43] Futari no Jikan / Hommarju feat. mi-mi
14. [4:16] Kimi o Nosete / MK feat. R. Cena
15. [3:56] Konna Haru no Sora o / Dizzi Mystica feat. mi-mi
16. [3:45] haunting melody / B.U.S. feat. Latte
17. [3:39] As time goes by / MK feat. Natsuhi
18. [3:25] Eternal Night -Daten- / Cubby-S feat. mi-mi
19. [3:46] Ano Kumo no Mukou e / Hommarju feat. R. Cena
20. [3:16] Forget-me-not ~Omoi no Kanata e~ / Dizzi Mystica feat. mi-mi

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  1. mono-type Says:

    I think the inclusion of Kimi wo Nosete in this installment of SATB EX was more of a reference to the singer Lia, in which she performed a cover of this. She is known for singing many theme songs of bishojo games/anime, most notably AIR.

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