Exit Trance presents Famitrance EX – Final Release Info

Famitrance EXExit Trance presents Famitrance EX
Release Date: 11/4/09
Price: 1905 yen

Despite the title being an allusion to Famicom, Famitrance isn’t limited solely to Famicom themes. Final Fantasy is well represented, with at least 5 tracks ranging from VII to X-2. All the big vocal themes from “Eyes on Me” to “Sutaki da ne” are covered, along with a few instrumental tracks.

Mother, Sakura Taisen, and Nobunaga’s Ambition get a healthy two tracks each, while it appears that Dragon Quest is only getting one. It would’ve been interesting if they had licensed a Bemani song by Ryu*, but I’m more than happy with him taking on the Tetris theme.

While the track list does look very strong and varied, I can’t help but be disappointed by the lack of Mario or Zelda themes. And what’s up with the random Goonies track? Oh well, still very much looking forward to this.

01. [4:17] Eight Melodies / MK feat. cherry
02. [3:53] Love Song Sagashite / MK feat. Latte
03. [4:58] Melodies of Life / B.U.S. feat. lyon
04. [4:27] Suteki da ne / MK feat. Yah
05. [3:47] Chrono Cross ~Toki no Kizuato~ / Starving Trancer
06. [3:08] Geki! Teikoku Kagekidan / Dizzi Mystica feat. mi-mi
07. [4:25] Hanasaku Otome / Acid=Stone Valley feat. mi-mi
08. [2:58] Pollyanna (I Believe in You) / Dizzi Mystica feat. cherry
09. [4:46] Eyes on Me / Hommarju feat. Maki
10. [4:27] Hikari / Starving Trancer feat. R. Cena
11. [2:39] Zanarkand nite / Icon
12. [3:02] Gensei Mugen / N.O.-SYO
13. [3:04] Ai no Uta / Maki
14. [2:52] Full Metal Jacket (I Wanna Be Your Drill Instructor) / Hommarju
15. [2:46] Korobushka / Ryu*
16. [2:53] The Goonies ‘R’ Good Enough / Starving Trancer
17. [3:57] Ending no Theme / Acid=Stone Valley
18. [2:00] Shao Pai Long / Starving Trancer feat. Yah
19. [3:02] Overture ~Nobunaga no Yabou~ / B.U.S.
20. [3:42] Kuon ~Hikari to Nami Kioku~ / MK

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5 Responses

  1. mono-type Says:

    In case you didn’t know, the song “The Goonies ‘R’ Good Enough” is there because Konami made a Goonies game on the Famicom/NES.

  2. DanceMaster Says:

    I knew about the Famicom game, but it still seems like a completely random choice that would’ve fit better on a Cinema Covers 3.

    Anyone have any idea what game “Full Metal Jacket (I Wanna Be Your Drill Instructor)” is supposed to be from? For the life of me I can’t remember a Full Metal Jacket game ever being released.

  3. DJ Tomoe Says:

    Well,the The Goonies ‘R’ Good Enough game is a cult classic. I actually think it would have been weird if they haven’t included it.

  4. Arc_Angel Says:

    Quake messed up the track list for 18, 19 ,20 on the CD or what?

    Kuon ~Hikari to Nami Kioku~ (from Final Fantasy X-2) / MK should be 20
    Overture ~Nobunaga no Yabou~ (from Nobunaga’s Ambition) / B.U.S. should be 19
    Shao Pai Long (from Choujikuu Yousai Macross) / Starving Trancer feat. Yah should be 18


  5. DanceMaster Says:

    Yup, they actually had it right when they first posted the track list, but then they updated it with the last three tracks mixed up. Now even the booklet and packaging have the tracks in the incorrect order.

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