Anime House Project ~Shinkyoku Selection~ Vol. 2 – Final Release Info

AHP Shinkyoku 2Anime House Project ~Shinkyoku Selection~ Vol. 2
Release Date: 11/25/09
Price: 1905 yen

IOSYS return with new house covers of popular anime themes. Samples are available at the official Anime House Project website.

Pre-order at CDJapan early to get stickers and a large B2-size poster.

01. [5:45] Tomare! / Arm (IOSYS) feat. A~Ya (Sound Holic)
02. [6:30] Cayagake! Girls / Arm (IOSYS) feat. Rekka Katakiri
03. [5:51] you / phoo feat. kaede
04. [5:57] Dango Daikazoku / Tetsushi (Red Hot House) feat. Asana (IOSYS)
05. [5:29] Ai, Oboete Imasu ka / Arm (IOSYS) feat. anporin
06. [5:38] Katayoku no Icarus / Arm (IOSYS) feat. Asana (IOSYS)
07. [5:02] Motteke! Sailor Fuku / minami (IOSYS) feat. Yuuko Hirabuki (Real Voice)
08. [4:48] Face of Fact / void (IOSYS) feat. Ayumi Nomiya
09. [4:59] Give a reason / Sound Cyclone feat. witch (Sound Cyclone)
10. [7:07] Tsuki no Mayu / D.watt (IOSYS) feat. Aki Misawa
11. [6:37] Super Driver / void (IOSYS) feat. miko (Alternate Ending)
12. [5:40] Fuwa Fuwa Jikan / Arm (IOSYS) feat. Ayu (IOSYS)

Pre-order at CDJapan.

2 Responses

  1. Travis Says:

    No doubt it’s intentional, but the main one I want (track 4) is the only one not available on iTunes.

  2. DanceMaster Says:

    Track 8 isn’t on iTunes, either. I’ve always wondered why a company would give permission to do a cover on a CD, but won’t allow for it to be downloadable. :/

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