Anime Nitro 2 ~ANiRe:MATiON EGGs~ – Update

Anime Nitro 2Anime Nitro 2 ~ANiRe:MATiON EGGs~
Release Date: 1/27/10
Price: 1905yen

An updated track list has been revealed for Anime Nitro 2. Punk Dirty Channel are back, but the producers of the other tracks aren’t yet known. The list looks pretty solid so far, avoiding the usual anime standards (“Aquarion,” “Zankoku,”). Okay, it does have “Tamashii no Refrain,” but most of the other tracks aren’t too overplayed.

01. “Shoujo Kakumei” ~ truth / Anna a.k.a. die!! die!! color!!!
02. “Kanamemo” ~ Yahho!! / Sara Minami
03. “Higashi no Eden” ~ futuristic imagination / sasa1 (Punk Dirty Channel)
04. “Shangri-La” ~ Kimi Shinitamou Koto Nakare / Sunao Yoshikawa (Piyorabbie)
05. “Gankutsuou” ~ We Were Lovers / Paddid Cell
06. CR “Shin Seiki Evangelion ~Saigo no Shisha~” ~ Shuuketsu no Sono e / Muzik Servant
07. Gekijouban “Shin Seiki Evangelion Death & Rebirth Shito Shinsei” ~ Tamashii no Refrain / Sayuri (Silver Forest)
08. “Hakaba Kitarou” ~ Mononoke Dance / sasa1 (Punk Dirty Channel)
09. “Koukyou Shihen Eureka Seven” ~ Niji / Koko
10. “Shakugan no Shana” ~ Hishoku no Sora / Taishi
11. “Dennou Coil” ~ Prism / Maki Eguchi
12. “Ayakashi” ~ Cloudier Sky / Ritsuka

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  1. Doktor Says:

    Truth and We Were Lovers? Aah, I’m pretty excited about this.

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