Miya & N.O.-SYO – Midnight Highway (Single) – Digital Downloads

Midnight HighwayMidnight Highway (Single)
Artist: Miya & N.O.-SYO
Release Date: 2/10/10
Price: $3.96

Miya made numerous appearances on various Exit Trance albums, and even released a mini-album in late 2008. She’s back in 2010 with a new collaboration with N.O.-SYO. The song, titled “Midnight Highway,” will be available in both English and Japanese versions worldwide. Hooray for piano rock trance! It’s currently available on Amazon MP3 for $3.96, but I believe it will also be released worldwide on iTunes.

01. [5:38] Midnight Highway (N.O.-SYO Jpn Mix)
02. [5:38] Midnight Highway (N.O.-SYO Eng Mix)
03. [4:58] Midnight Highway (N.O.-SYO Jpn Radio Edit)
04. [4:58] Midnight Highway (N.O.-SYO Eng Radio Edit)

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