Wa Euro Best 3 – Pre-release Info

Wa Euro Best 3Wa Euro Best 3
Release Date: 4/1/10
Price: 1886 yen

Wa Euro Best 2 didn’t sell anywhere near as well as the first WEB, but apparently it was enough to warrant a third release. Expect more pachislot, anime, and J-Pop covers. They’re really running out of Misa songs to use, though. The LED remix of “So So” is decent, but I would’ve preferred a new remix of one of her other songs.

01. Distance ~In Your Love~ / Misao Aoyama
02. Taisetsu Dakara… / Shin Yoshimune Soundtrack
03. Eternal Blaze / Miyabi
04. God knows… / Nagisa
05. Diamond / Shihori
06. Love Machine
07. Sailor Fuku o Nugasanaide
08. Natsu Matsuri
09. Lupin Sansei
10. Yatterman / DJ Kazma
11. Ultra Seven / DJ Kazma
12. Kamen Rider
13. Ashita no Joe
14. Romantic ga Tomaranai
15. So So / Misa
16. Up! / Nagisa
17. Shinwa / Sunplaze Nakano Kun feat. DJ Yossy
18. Undecided / Rumi Itabashi

Pre-order at CDJapan.

2 Responses

  1. DJ Tomoe Says:

    Yay, new banners.
    I was planning on buying Wa 3, but after seeing the new pic of Rumi you used, I think I’ll have to pass. I’ll just buy some full versions in iTunes instead. 😡

  2. DJ Tomoe Says:

    What a weird choice of an icon for “: x”.

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