LUG Generation ~Celebrity R&B House Mix~ – Final Release Info

LUGLUG Generation ~Celebrity R&B House Mix~
Release Date: 7/14/10
Price: 1886 yen

More R&B House from FARM. LUG is some sort of car thing, so it’s fitting that the album is mixed by DJ Murauchi, known for his involvement with Quake’s Aerodynamic series. Whereas Aerodynamic mostly focused on trance, this compilation mostly features house covers of popular R&B and pop songs.

01. Miss Independent (S.I. House Remix) / Aqua Project ft. Kenny Griffin
02. Replay / 4 to the Rhythm
03. Down / Yamato Beats
04. Dani California / Akai
05. Paparazzi / MSYK
06. Rock That Body / Orangez
07. Tik Tok / I.T.T
08. Rude Boy / Venus Jones
09. Great DJ / Yamato Beats
10. So What / Girls Collection
11. Do It Well / Sal
12. Celebration / Yoshinobu Mizutani a.k.a. Emu
13. Sweet Dreams / Ixus
14. Disturbia / A.I.P
15. Hard / Yoshinobu Mizutani a.k.a. Emu
16. Right Now (Na Na Na) / 4 to the Rhythm
17. Break Your Heart / Candid
18. I Gotta Feeling / MTNRM
19. Since U Been Gone / Ogiek
20. Alejandro / Venus Jones
21. Because of You (iDeal Remix) / Sid
22. Pocketful of Sunshine / Lanquids
23. one Boys (MOR Remix) / Nina
24. Viva la Vida (Club Mix) / Dance Music Company
25. Hot ‘n’ Cold / iXus

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  1. DJ Tomoe Says:

    This one looks kind of interesting! Hopefully the covers won’t suck like in that R&B x Trance album. I won’t get my hopes up tough, because I see some familiar names.

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