Toho Eurobeat Vol. 1 – Final Release Info

TEBToho Eurobeat Vol. 1
Release Date: 6/30/10
Price: 1400 yen

Doujin release featuring eurobeat covers of popular touhou songs. It’ll first be available during C78 at a special price of 1,000 yen. After that, it’ll be available in Japanese shops for 1,400 yen. It’s unlikely that major online retailers will carry it, though.

Most notable are a pair of Akiba Koubou artists, Rayto and DJ Command. Travis Stebbins, better known to SEB fans as Ken Blast, also provides vocals for two songs.

The official website has a cross-fade demo that you can listen to:

01. Blue Sky Magic / Elementas and Yassie feat. Shihori
02. China Gal / Sugano (Sugano Music) feat. T. Stebbins
03. Break the Chain / Rayto (Akiba Koubou) feat. lily-an (Liz Triangle)
04. Like a Shooting Star / Ash (Vignette House) feat. Yumiko
05. Endless, Sleepless Night / samfree feat. (V)·V·(V)
06. Renai*Revolution / Ash (Vignette House) feat. Ayaka (Vignette House)
07. Faithful Heart / Sugano (Sugano Music) feat. T. Stebbins
08. Don’t Break Me Down / DJ Command (Akiba Koubou) feat. Axel K

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  1. ???? Says:

    Also very notable is samfree’s track, a Vocaloid producer known mainly for his three awesome eurobeat songs Luka Luka Night Fever, Megu Megu Fire Endless Night and Miki Miki Romantic Night.

  2. DJ Tomoe Says:

    lol @ cover.

  3. Eurouhou Says:

    Putting of “Touhou Project Eurobeat Arrange” together

  4. Eurouhou Says:


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