Super J-Euro Best Mix ~Hyper Tune~ – Update

Super J-Euro Best Mix ~Hyper Tune~
Release Date: 10/20/10
Price: 2000 yen

Super J-Euro Best Mix ~Hyper Tune~ is out and the producers behind each track have been revealed. Valle blanco and DJ Command each get 3 tracks, while Rayto gets one. Plum round out the rest of the track list. Plum have also put up a quick preview of their songs on the album:

01. [4:50] Aitakunakute Aitakute / Nagisa (valle blanco)
02. [4:47] Breath -breath- / Iori (RipRap)
03. [4:35] Girl’s Dream / Kohana (valle blanco)
04. [5:08] You can fall in love. / akari-na** (mizuho)
05. [4:30] Trace of you / Yu-ka (M.O.R)
06. [2:31] Miku Miku ni Shite Ageru [Shiteyanyo] / Yu-I (DJ Command)
07. [4:48] Eternal Blaze / Asami Kikuchi (valle blanco)
08. [4:14] Shining Love / Mi->Na (Rayto)
09. [6:00] Whitest Love / Akane (mizuho)
10. [5:20] Otowa ~otowa~ / Ryunna (New Generation)
11. [5:29] Burn to Be Wild / Team KY (DJ Command)
12. [4:41] Hishoku no Sora / Nagisa (DJ Command)
13. [4:43] Regret / Miwa (RipRap)
Extra Trax
14. [4:42] Paradise Lost / Chika Anzai
15. [4:56] Reflectia / Kiyono Yasuno
Bonus Track
16. [4:35] Aitakunakute Aitakute (Love Mix) / Nagisa

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2 Responses

  1. shawaazu Says:

    Whitest Love actually sounded pretty cool with that electronic saxaphone sound…. well at least until the singer started singing anyway hahaha

  2. Densetsu13 Says:

    On first listen through it feels like the first SJBM was better.

    Christ Miku Miku is short! I can’t believe they had to extend it to make the version they used on Super Anime Remix Touge 2. D8

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