Gossip Party! “The Best of Celeb Hits” R&B n’ House Mix – Final Release Info

Gossip Party! “The Best of Celeb Hits” R&B n’ House Mix
Release Date: 11/24/10
Price: 1886 yen

A hot new collection of house-flavored R&B covers from Manhattan Records Japan. The new productions are surprisingly well done, I’m particularly impressed by how good the vocalists are. Some of them come extremely close to the original performers, while others even outshine the originals (although, really, it’s not hard to sing better than Rihanna or Ke$ha). Mixed by DJ D. Loc.

The CD is a non-stop mix, but full versions of all 30 tracks are available on iTunes Japan for only 1500 yen.

01. Intro
02. Check It Out (CPR Remix) / Chani feat. J Rae
03. Just the Way You Are (HumanJive Remix) / G.G
04. Just a Dream (HumanJive Remix) /Chani
05. Only Girl (In the World) (CPR Remix) / Paulette
06. Teenage Dream (CPR Remix) / Paulette
07. Nothin’ on You (Human Jive Remix) / G.G
08. Rock That Body (CPR Remix) / Chani feat. J Rae
09. Right Round (RokCity Electro Mix) / Chani
10. Telephone (RockCity Club Remix) / RokCity feat. Paulette
11. Gettin’ Over You (RokCity Remix) / RokCity feat. DB Sound, Chani and Paulette
12. Stronger (Power Remix) / Indy Q
13. Empire State of Mind (Yoni G Remix) / Chani & Paulette
14. Love the Way You Lie (HumanJive Remix) / Chani & Paulete
15. Break Your Heart (CPR Remix) / G.G
16. Somebody to Love (HumanJive Remix) / Junior Torrey
17. Ridin’ Solo (HumanJive Remix) / Junior Torrey
18. Billionaire (HumanJive Remix) / G.G feat. Chani
19. Everybody Dance Now (Rock This Party) (Power Remix) / Chani
20. Your Love Is My Drug (RokCity Remix) / RokCity feat. Paulette
21. Tik Tok (RokCity Remix) / RokCity feat. Paulette
22. Letting Go (Dutty Love) (CPR Remix) / Chani feat. J Rae
23. DJ Got Us Falling in Love (CPR Remix) / Marshall
24. California Gurls (HumanJive Remix) / Paulette
25. If We Ever Meet Again (CPR Remix) / Chani
26. Do You Remember (HumanJive Remix) / Junior Torrey
27. Bulletproof (CPR Remix) / Tara Glow
28. Paparazzi (Power Remix) / Golden V
29. Bleeding Love (Power Remix) / Fringe
30. Stars Are Blind (Power Remix) / Angelica
31. According to You (CPR Remix) / Nicki Bliss

Pre-order at CDJapan.

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