Joysound presents Anison Trance Laboratory ~First Report~ – Final Release Info

Joysound presents Anison Trance Laboratory ~First Report~
Release Date: 3/2/11
Price: 2095 yen (Limited Edition) or 1714 (Regular Edition)

A brand new series from Universal Music featuring trance covers of anime themes. The songs were picked out based on their popularity on the Joysound service. Producers include Ryu*, kors k, and 4 Skips, among others. Vocals are supplied by various idols and idol groups, including yula. and Liz, who previously provided vocals for Lady Bird’s album.

If you get the first-press edition, you’ll receive a bonus CD with karaoke versions and a bonus non-stop trance mix. You’ll also get a bath poster featuring the art of Kaworu Watashiya.

The album is also available for download at iTunes Japan. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to be iTunes Plus and it doesn’t include the bonus tracks.

Visit the official website for more info.

Disc 1
01. [4:04] only my railgun / yula. (Ryu*)
02. [4:22] Shinryaku no Susume / Eimi Naruse (from Dear Stage) (4 Skips)
03. [4:12] Motteke! Sailor Fuku / Depna Gumi Inc. (from Dear Stage) (Ace Closer)
04. [3:28] Hare Hare Yukai / Dear Stage Idolbu (Ace Closer)
05. [3:53] Happy New Nyaa! / Waka Kirishima with Mizutama Online (Team Hormone)
06. [3:27] Hanamaru Sensation / Mao Makabe (Team Hormone)
07. [3:35] Hanaji / Mao Makabe (Team Hormone)
08. [5:23] Eternal Blaze / Liz (Ace Closer)
09. [4:44] Sousei no Aquarion / Suano Yoshikawa (from Dear Stage) (kors k)
10. [4:14] Zankoku na Tenshi no These / Risa Aizawa (from Dear Stage) (kors k)
11. [3:36] Shunkan Sentimental / Liz (Ace Closer)
12. [4:30] God knows… / Rena (from Dear Stage) (kors k)
13. [5:31] Kimi no Shiranai Monogatari / Yula. (Ace Closer)
14. [3:46] Renai Circulation / Mirin Furukawa (from Dear Stage) (Ace Closer)
15. [3:56] Oshiete A to Z / Alice (Team Hormone)
16. [4:07] Butter-Fly / Sunao Yoshikawa (from Dear Stage) (Ryu*)
17. [4:12] Beam My Beam / Denpa Gumi Inc. (from Dear Stage) (U Turn)

Disc 2 (Limited Edition Only)
01. [4:09] only my railgun -off vocal ver.- / yula.
02. [4:38] God knows… -off vocal ver.- / Rena (from Dear Stage)
03. [5:39] Kimi no Shiranai Monogatari -off vocal ver.- / Yula.
04. [3:52] Shunkan Sentimental -off vocal ver.- / Liz
05. [3:39] Renai Circulation -off vocal ver.- / Mirin Furukawa (from Dear Stage)
Asyncross “00” mix
06. [6:29] The End of Summer / DJ Joker vs. Heavens Wire
07. [4:27] Never Land / Ace Closer
08. [2:38] One / Ace Closer

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3 Responses

  1. Doc-S Says:

    Starting to wonder if there’ll ever be a second report.

  2. DanceMaster Says:

    There sort of was, though it had a Vocaloid theme instead:

    Never say never, though. There’s an upcoming anime dance compilation that’s part of a series that hasn’t seen a release since 2010…

  3. Doc-S Says:

    I forgot about Vocaloid Laboratory.
    Doesn’t really count as a follow-up though in my mind.

    That has me interested.

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