Super Ponybeat Vol. 1 – Digital Downloads

Super Ponybeat Vol. 1
Artist: Eurobeat Brony
Release Date: 3/26/10
Price: Name Your Own

Travis Stebbins, aka Ken Blast aka Eurobeat Brony, takes on… My Little Pony?! Well, despite the source (or perhaps because of it), Mr. Stebbins has managed to turn out a rockin’, varied selection of eurobeat tracks. My personal favorite is the western-inspired “You Gotta Share.”

The album is currently available on Bandcamp.

01. [3:14] Evil Enchantress [Euro Spell Mix]
02. [4:58] Winter Wrap Up [Euro Spring Mix]
03. [2:41] Giggle at the Ghostie [ParaParaSprite Mix]
04. [4:26] Art of the Dress [Euro Fashion Mix]
05. [4:01] Fluttershy’s Lullaby [Stay Up Late Mix]
06. [3:34] Cupcakes [SweetBeat Mix]
07. [3:24] You Gotta Share [Spaghetti Western Mix] / ft. Wild Joe’s Eurobeat Band
08. [3:20] Cutie Mark Crusaders (BlankFlank Mix) / ft. the CMC
09. [4:01] So Many Wonders (EuroSky Mix)

5 Responses

  1. aquastar Says:

    ……really?….is this… a prank?… is this real?… 0-o??

  2. Doc-S Says:

    Oh dear…

  3. Pete Says:

    It’s real, and it’s epic awesome.

  4. Odyssey Music/Eurobeat Brony Says:

    @aquastar: Nope! It’s very real, and, like the show, I never expected so many 20-somethings to like it. 😉

    @Doc-s: I highly recommend giving them a listen. They’re made so fans of Eurobeat can enjoy them without needing to like MLP, MLP fans can enjoy a new take on the songs, and fans of both have something that caters to them!

    @Pete: YOU’RE awesome. :3

    And, to top all this off, I’ve added a new track today, “At the Gala [Finale Mix]”, combining the orchestral elements of the original with a Sinclairestyle-inspired synth riff and ABeatC arrangements! Check ’em out… if you’re man enough for ponies~

  5. Doc-S Says:

    I wanted to hide the fact I secretly want to hear this XD

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