Gom – Version Gom DX – Final Release Info

Version Gom DX
Artist: Gom
Release Date: 6/15/11
Price: 2190 yen

First album from Utatte Mita artist, Gom. Popular songs covered include “Uninstall,” “1925” and “Sousei no Aquarion.” There are also 3 different bonus cell phone straps available. The one you get depends on which store you order from.

01. [3:31] No nai Denpa / YM feat. Gom
02. [4:53] Uninstall / Arrangement by Ouzoku Band
03. [5:16] Calc. (piano ver.) / Jimmy Thumb P feat. Gom, Arrangement by Koman
04. [3:24] Overtechnology / YM feat. Gom
05. [5:27] Jupiter / Arrangement by Dead Ball P with [Test]
06. [3:22] Sode Fureau mo Tashou no En / Iso P feat. Gom
07. [3:19] 1925 / T-Pocket feat. Gom, Arrangement by Moebius
08. [2:59] Sumire September Love / Arrangement by Ouzoku Band
09. [4:43] Sousei no Aquarion / Arrangement by TS Project
Bonus Tracks
10. [3:07] Nyuucon Sentration / Gom × Beat Mario × baker
11. [4:45] Sukikirai / HoneyWorks feat. Rumdarjun × Gommi

Pre-order at CDJapan.

3 Responses

  1. ???? Says:

    First time I see his name romanized as anything else than “Gomu”.

  2. DanceMaster Says:

    That’s what I thought, too, but his official website, blog, and twitter have it as Gom:

    Heh, it’s always hard trying to figure out their intent, but thankfully a lot of producers and artists are on twitter, where they’re forced to romanize their names. 😀

  3. ???? Says:

    Indeed :O

    Thanks for the news though.

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