Party Pop Mix – Final Release Info

Party Pop Mix mixed by DJ Hiroki
Release Date: 10/26/11
Price: 1800 yen

New album produced and mixed by DJ Hiroki, who seems to be trying to outpace DJ Fumi*Yeah! in number of R&B House albums produced. This album seems to focus more on 80s and 90s songs than recent chart-toppers. Unfortunately, it’s exclusive to Tsutaya, so it may be difficult to find a copy.

01. Intro
02. Eye of the Tiger (Original by Survivor)
03. Smells Like Teen Spirit (Original by Nirvana)
04. It’s My Life (Original by Bon Jovi)
05. Born to Be Wild (Original by Hinder)
06. Don’t Stop Til You Get Enough (Original by Michael Jackson)
07. September (Original by Earth, Wind & Fire)
08. Dancing Queen (Original by ABBA)
09. Celebration (Original by Kool The Gang)
10. Man in the Mirror (Original by Michael Jackson)
11. Black or White (Original by Michael Jackson)
12. Wanna Be Startin Something (Original by Michael Jackson)
13. Billie Jean (Original by Michael Jackson)
14. Lick It Up (Original by KISS)
15. We Will Rock You (Original by Queen)
16. Who Says You Can’t Go Home (Original by Bon Jovi)
17. Living on a Prayer (Original by Bon Jovi)
18. Shot Through the Heart (Original by Bon Jovi)
19. Into the Groove (Original by Madonna)
20. Vogue (Original by Madonna)
21. Bad (Original by Michael Jackson)
22. Welcome to the Jungle (Original by Guns N’ Roses)
23. I Was Made for Loving You (Original by KISS)
24. Get Down on It (Original by Kool & The Gang)
25. That’s the Way (I Like It) (Original by K.C. & The Sunshine Band)
26. Human (Original by Human League)
27. Every Breath You Take (Original by Police)
28. Stayin’ Alive (Original by Bee Gees)
29. Holiday (Original by Madonna)
30. I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing (Original by Aerosmith)

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