Geki Atsu! Drama Euro Kizuna Hen – Update

Geki Atsu! Drama Euro Kizuna Hen
Release Date: 1/25/12
Price: 2000 yen

I hesitated to pre-order this fearing that it would be another collection of repeats, but this seemingly final list contains only 3 repeats out of 15 total tracks so I’m sold! Even though it’s only 15 tracks, it’s still being billed as a non-stop mix, however.

It’s been far too long since Hime Trance queen, Kei, has been featured on a major release, so I’m glad Akiba Koubou continue to utilize her. Nagisa is also featured, but her sole song is a repeat. :/ For some reason many utaite appear on AKBK release under different pseudonyms, so for those wondering, Maier is actually Yuge, W-Y is Yamadan and No Doubt is Nodoame. There are a number of new, unfamiliar names here, however, which leads me to wonder if they’re also just aliases.

01. Yasashii Kiss o Shite / Koko on Boku
02. Ai to Hoshi / Usa
03. Beautiful Days / BB Storm
04. Kiseki / No Doubt (from Niconikoushien ~Minna Yakyuu Sukika!?~)
05. Maru Maru Mori Mori! / Koko on Boku
06. Tiger & Dragon / Maier
07. Kimi ga Iru Dake de / yossy (from Wa Euro Best 3)
08. Saboten no Hana / W-Y
09. Mata Ashita… / Kei
10. No More Cry / BB Storm
11. Sayonara Daisuki na Hito / Usa
12. Kimi Dake o Mite Ita / Anima
13. Best Friend / Kei
14. Friends / Nagisa (from Super Anime Remix Touge)
15. Yume / Kou-Hey

Pre-order at CDJapan.

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