Geki Atsu! Drama Euro Love Love Hen – Update

Geki Atsu! Drama Euro Love Love Hen
Release Date: 1/25/12
Price: 2000 yen

OMG, only one repeat!?!?! An Akiba Koubou album with 93% new material must surely be a sign of the apocalypse. Now that I think about it, these albums do come out in 2012…

Kei, Maki and Shihori appear from the usual AKBK stable of vocalists, though the Maki song is the lone repeat. Meanwhile, Usa, Yamadan, Nodoame, Anima, Kouhey and Yuge are sure to please utatte mita fans. I have no clue who BB Storm, KoRo-Girl or Koko on Boku are, though.

01. Love Rain ~Koi no Ame~ / BB Storm
02. Kimi ga Iru / Usa
03. Ai ga Umareta Hi / W-Y, Usa
04. Love Story wa Totsuzen ni / Kou-Hey
05. True Love / Anima
06. Tomorrow / Kei
07. La·La·La Love Song / BB Storm
08. Pride / Kei
09. Hanamizuki / Shihori
10. Iiwake / No Doubt
11. Everything / Usa
12. Aoi Usagi / Koko on Boku
13. Imasugu Kiss Me / Maki (J-Pop Extra Beat Densetsu)
14. Love Love Love / KoRo-Girl
15. Say Yes / Maier

Pre-order at CDJapan.

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  1. Pete Ellison Says:

    Well, I’m sold. Definitely pre-ordering both of these.

    I love Kouhey!

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