Geki Atsu! Drama Euro Love Love Hen – Final Release Info

Geki Atsu! Drama Euro Love Love Hen
Release Date: 1/25/12
Price: 2000 yen

DJ Command, valle blanco and Sumijun each get 2 tracks on this edition. Asahi, Ovrar, and the always under-represented 2bad get 1 track each. Surprisingly, Rayto and relative newcomer, Beat Charger, each get 3. Beat Charger is mostly known as a Vocaloid producer and also works under the pseudonym, Sankakuha P. Pretty much all of his Vocaloid productions are Eurobeat, so it looks like he’ll be a good addition to Akiba Koubou.

Running time for the album is about an hour, with the longest song coming in at 5 minutes.

01. [4:38] Love Rain ~Koi no Ame~ / BB Storm (Asahi)
02. [4:12] Kimi ga Iru / Usa (valle blanco)
03. [4:09] Ai ga Umareta Hi / W-Y, Usa (valle blanco)
04. [3:41] Love Story wa Totsuzen ni / Kou-Hey (DJ Command)
05. [3:18] True Love / Anima (Beat Charger)
06. [3:07] Tomorrow / Kei (Rayto)
07. [4:05] La·La·La Love Song / BB Storm (Beat Charger)
08. [4:16] Pride / Kei (Rayto)
09. [4:25] Hanamizuki / Shihori (Rayto)
10. [4:08] Iiwake / No Doubt (DJ Command)
11. [4:45] Everything / Usa (Sumijun)
12. [2:54] Aoi Usagi / Koko on Boku (Beat Charger)
13. [4:28] Imasugu Kiss Me / Maki (2bad)
14. [3:17] Love Love Love / KoRo-Girl (Sumijun)
15. [5:08] Say Yes / Maier (Ovrar)

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