Koi Euro Best – Update

Koi Euro Best
Release Date: 3/21/12
Price: 1900 yen

Final list and cover art are out. It honestly isn’t as bad as I thought it would be, especially compared to the lackluster Kiwami Euro Best. 7 repeats (or 12 if you include resings) isn’t too bad, and the fact that they stayed away from the usual Anime covers was a good choice. I really wish they had went with new Nagisa tracks instead of using songs from 3 years ago, though. Now that I think about it, lately Nagisa has been shut out of the latest Akiba Koubou releases. Hopefully she’s just busy working on a second album.

01. Sakuranbo / Shihori
02. Oogoe Diamond / Galaxy (Repeat; from Luv Euro)
03. 10 nen zakura / Halofuku
04. Say Yes / Maier (Repeat; original from Geki Atsu! Drama Euro Love Love Hen)
05. True Love / DJ Yossy (Resing; originally by Anima; from Geki Atsu! Drama Euro Love Love Hen)
06. Rizo Raba (Resort Lovers) / Sunplaza Nakano Kun feat. DJ Yossy (Resing; originally by DJ Kazma; from Natsu Euro)
07. Ai ga Tomaranai / Miyabi (Resing; originally by TH Shimai; from Natsu Monogatari 2008)
08. Shakai no Tsugo~ / SFY
09. voice 2 voice / Nagisa (Repeat; from Buchiage Parance #9)
10. Eternal Journey / Eternal Journey (Resing; originally by A-class; from Tokyo Auto Salon 2011 presents Evolution #07)
11. Step U, darling / Nagisa (Repeat; from Buchiage Parance 10*Special)
12. Jibun o Suki de Irareru You ni / A-class (Repeat; from Tokyo Auto Salon 2012 presents Evolution #08)
13. Luv Again / Kei (Resing; originally by Yukinoko; from Chou Euro Best)
14. Pegasus Gensou / PJ Bomber (Repeat; from Super Anime Remix Touge)
15. Maji Ska Rock ‘n’ Roll / S-Diva
16. Yankee Soul / Halofuku
17. Megu Megu*Fire Endless Night / Sunplaza Nakano Kun feat. DJ Yossy vs. Team KY (Repeat; from Bakuen ~Call Anthem~)
18. Ginga no Chikai / TH Shimai
19. Ano Natsu e to / TH Shimai
20. Ooki na Tamanegi no Shita de / Sunplaza Nakano Kun feat. DJ Yossy

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