Geki Atsu! Drama Euro Deka Hen – Final Release Info

Geki Atsu! Drama Euro Deka Hen
Release Date: 3/7/12
Price: 2000 yen

Just a reminder that the 3rd wave of Geki Atsu! releases comes out today.

DJ Command and 2bad…will not be on this compilation. Instead, you’ll just have to settle for Sugano(!), Dizzi Mystica(!!), and Y&Co.(!!!). Yup, Akiba Koubou went all out for this series, as evidenced by the latest group of guest arrangers that they’ve assembled. Sugano had mentioned on his website that he’d be doing some work with AKBK, and Dizzi Mystica collaborated with them a few times in the past, but the inclusion of Y&Co. is quite a surprise.

Elementas, Ovrar, Asahi, Sumijun, Tks, Beat Charger, and valle blanco round out the rest of the list, so you can expect plenty of variety. Vocalists include Satsy, Kei, Mi->Na, DJ Kazma, and Hiromi. There are also a number of instrumental tracks, including 3 tracks that were also covered on EMI’s Speed Deka. Kinda disappointed there’s no Rhythm & Police, though 🙁

01. [4:23] Mou Namida wa Iranai / Satsy (Ovrar)
02. [2:26] Taiyou ni Hoero! Main Theme / Sumijun
03. [3:58] Shiroi Honoo / Kei (Ovrar)
04. [2:02] G Men ’75 no Theme / Dizzi Mystica
05. [4:18] Omokage / Kei (M. Sugawara)
06. [3:52] Wonderful Moment / DJ Kazma (Asahi)
07. [3:28] Demo, Nanika ga Chigau / Mi->Na (Sumijun)
08. [2:51] Seibu Keisatsu Main Theme / Dizzi Mystica
09. [3:41] California Connection / Satsy (valle blanco)
10. [1:34] Shichinin no Keiji Theme / Dizzi Mystica
11. [4:02] Hijou no License / Hiromi (Elementas)
12. [4:05] Aa Seishun / Satsy (Beat Charger)
13. [3:06] Watashi dake no Juujika / Hiromi (Tks)
14. [2:54] Yoake no Machi / Koko on Boku (valle blanco)
15. [2:50] Jaka Jaka / DJ Kazma (Y&Co.)

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