Toho Euromach Remixies+ – Final Release Info

Toho Euromach Remixies+
Release Date: 5/27/12
Price: 800 yen

New release in the DJ Command-produced series. In addition to the rare TEF non-stop mix, the CD also compiles instrumental versions of tracks from TEF 01 plus two new remixes. Visit the official website for more info:

01-09. Toho Euro Mach ~TEF01. Non-Stop Mix~ / DJ Tussy (Super Euro Mix)
10. Dirty Sexy Girl Instrumental
11. Spring of Dreams Instrumental
12. Twinkle Twinkle Instrumental
13. Night ‘n’ Night Instrumental
14. Think of You Instrumental
15. My destiny Instrumental
16. Last Moments Instrumental
17. Sympathy take me to darkness Instrumental
18. Last Moments [katsu+Sumijun Remix]
19. Spring of Dreams [katsu+Sumijun Remix)

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