Psychedelic Lover All Stars Best – Final Release Info

Psychedelic Lover All Stars Best
Release Date: 6/27/12
Price: 1905 yen

Wow, a new Psychedelic Lover CD after almost 2 years! There are new tracks from both Western and Japanese artists, including series mainstays like GMS, InterSys, REW, DJ Ozawa, and DJ Yagi.

01. Take Over Control (REW Remix) / Fly Beats
02. Titanium (InterSys Remix) / InterSys
03. Tricky (Tokyo Sunrise mix) / Black & White and Azax Syndrom vs. Ultravoice
04. Meet Me at Japan / Freaked Frequency & Perplex
05. Music Make You Feel (Phanatic Remix) / Sesto Sento
06. Dream On (Remix) / Atomic Pulse vs. Freak Show
07. Ring / DJ Kato
08. Upsurge / DJ Yagi
09. Summer Anxiety / Bizzare Contact vs. Azax Syndrom
10. Real Pimp Never Gets Caught (X.S.I Rmx) / Pixel vs Wrecked Machines
11. Psychedelic Lover All Stars / GMS
12. Konichiwa / Freedom Fighters
13. Crazy (Space Cat Remix) / Slider
14. Perfect Circle / DJ Ozawa

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