Handz Up Posse 2 – Final Release Info

Handz Up Posse 2 mixed by DJ Uto
Release Date: 12/19/12
Price: 1905 yen

Oh, very interesting. Whereas Quake Trance Best 23 featured hard dance tracks from all across Europe, Handz Up Posse is primarily composed of UK productions. In fact, aside from the Starving Trancer bonus track, I believe all of the tracks are licensed from Andy Whitby’s AWsum label and Synergy Trax. Good to know DJ Uto still has his eye on the UK scene. Seeing Gammer on this makes me miss Dancemania Speed, though. 🙁

01? 4 an Angel (Andy Whitby & Klubfiller Remix) / Awsum All-Starz
02? 10 in 1 (Andy Whitby & Klubfiller Remix) / Awsum All-Starz
03? Hed Funka (Karlston Khaos Remix) / Andy Whitby & Scott Fo Shaw vs. Leon B
04? Blam (Original Mix) / Andy Whitby & Klubfiller
05? Time 2 Burn (Andy Whitby & Klubfiller Remix) / Awsum All-Starz
06? Fight! (Original Mix) / Andy Whitby & Technikal
07? Ev3erything’s Alright (Breeze & Modulate Remix) / Andy Whitby & Klubfiller vs. Cally Gage
08? Breakneck Bastard (Original Mix) / Cally Cage & Gammer
09? Gangsta Bass (Original Mix) / Energy Syndicate
10? Make Some Noize (Original Mix) / Energy Syndicate & Joe Longbottom
11? Bass Pump (Original Mix) / Andy Whitby & Klubfiller
12? Ssssh Listen! (Andy Whitby & Klubfiller Remix) / Awsum All-Starz
13? Gimme My Money (Original Mix) / Energy Syndicate & Cooki
14? Make Ya Freak (Original Mix) / Cally Gage & Gammer
15? Iguana (Energy Syndicate Remix) / Awsum All-Starz
16? I Like It (Original Mix) / Big-A and DJ Felix
17? Music Is My Life (Original Mix) / Cally Gage & Energy Syndicate
18? Keep the Fire Burning (Original Mix) / Energy Syndicate & General Bounce
Bonus Track
19? SW (DJ Uto Remix) / Starving Trancer feat. Mayumi Morinaga

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