Super Euro Smash Vol. 3 – Final Release Info

Super Euro Smash Vol. 3
Release Date: 4/27/13
Price: 952 yen

The Super Euro Smash series gets a third release, but unfortunately it’s just a non-stop mix featuring all of the songs from the first two volumes. Kinda pointless, since the previous volumes already had mini-megamixes. There is a new DJ katsu remix of “Our Generation,” though.

The album will be available at Akiba Koubou’s booth during the Nico Nico Cho Kaigi 2 event.

01. Be Happy* / Tsukasa feat. 3L
02. Our Generation / Elementas feat. Nagisa
03. Spring Tears / DJ Command feat. Aki
04. Wonderful Night!! / Sugano feat. Shihori
05. Dear my Princess / valle blanco feat. Shihori
06. Rinka Tensou / katsu + Sumijun feat. Hanatan
07. I love you, Cluster / FN2 feat. Koshida “Rute” Ryuuto
08. Eternal Mermaid / Elementas feat. Melime Pop
09. Under the blue sky / valle blanco feat. Alicia
10. Star Light / Tsukasa feat. Rosie
11. Feel it Real / Elementas feat. Ranko
12. snow hands / DJ Command feat. aki
13. Relight My Fire / samree feat. (V)·V·(V)
14. Just Beat / DJ Command feat. Ask
15. Fight Over Future / DJ Command feeat. Ranko
16. Free Bird / Elementas feat. Nagisa
17. Our Generation (DJ katsu Remix) / Elementas feat. Nagisa

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