Super Ita G Beat presents Anime Mach – Final Release Info

Super Ita G Beat presents Anime Mach
Release Date: 9/22/13
Price: 1500 yen

Basically the sequel to Super Ita G Beat, which was released in April of 2012. This one was released during the Ita G Festa on September 22. It’s unknown if it’ll eventually see a wide release, but seeing as it’s nothing but repeats it wouldn’t be a huge loss.

01. Connect / Usa
02. Orion o Nazoru / W-Y
03. Chase the World / Kei
04. No buts! / Kei
05. innocent starter / Usa
06. oath sign / Kei
07. only my railgun / Shihori
08. future gazer / @yaka
09. Scarlet Ballet / Kei
10. Straight Jet / Usa
11. Taiyou Iwaku Moeyo Chaos / Rosie
12. Don’t say “lazy” / Mi->Na
13. Cagayake! Girls / Yu-I
14. Kimi + Nazo + Watashi de Jump!! / Ayumi
15. Eureka Baby / Ayumi
16. Orfeu / Kou-Hey
17. Light My Fire / Kei

4 Responses

  1. DJ Timotei Says:

    Oh heyy this album has future gazer! Supposing there are only 15 songs, they should be at full lengths right :3 any idea where I can get this?

  2. DanceMaster Says:

    Unfortunately, it never saw a wide release, so it’s almost impossible to find now. Your best bet would be a Japanese auction site.

    The first Super Ita G Beat was a non-stop mix, so this one most likely is, too. However, There’s definitely a chance you’d get a longer edit here with only 17 tracks total.

  3. DJ Timotei Says:

    Awww man.. Any idea if Akiba Koubou will be releasing anymore anime Eurobeat CDs?

  4. DanceMaster Says:

    They released an idol CD in 2015, but haven’t released anything Eurobeat since 2014’s Super Euro Smash 6. I still see DJ Command and Rayto on various doujin releases, but I think AKBK are basically dead :/

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