Exit Trance presents Speed Anime Trance Best 20 – Final Release Info

Exit Trance presents Speed Anime Trance Best 20
Release Date: 12/4/13
Price: 1905 yen

A final list has been revealed for the 20th release in the SATB series. Thankfully, Acid=Stone Valley’s return back in SATB 19 wasn’t just temporary, though he still only has one track. Airportexpress has been allocated the most, with five total tracks. Other artists include Hommarju (3 tracks), plazma (3), kinoto (2), Flash back Dominant (2), MK (2), Dizzi Mystica (1), and Icon (1). It also appears that there’ll be some new vocalists/aliases present, like Yuuji and Goneko.

Bonus items include a cell phone strap shaped like an ornament, a poster, and a special item (most likely a clear file) if you send in the included survey card. The official website has also been updated with samples.

For SATB fans, I’ve compiled a list of chart performances of each of the previous 19 titles. The data come from Oricon, which track physical sales data from most, but not all, of Japan’s retailers.

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The first number is the top position the album reached, while the second number indicates how many weeks the album stayed on the charts (I believe Oricon stop reporting after an album drops off the top 300). The third number, where available, is total units sold. Total sales are sourced from a Japanese blog that keeps track of anime/vocaloid sales on Oricon charts, and are the latest totals available. Chances are the real total sales are a bit higher, but it’s still a good indication of how well the series has been doing.

SATB 19: 111 2 (>1,217)
SATB 18: 76 3 (>1,820)
SATB 17: 157 3 (>1,643)
SATB 16: 70 3 (>2,380)
SATB 15: 75 3 (>2,330)
SATB 14: 64 3 (>2,488)
SATB 13: 51 4 (>3,594)
SATB 12: 64 3 (>2,995)
SATB 11: 62 3 (>3,090)
SATB 10: 59 3 (>3,711)
SATB 9: 40 6 (>7,243)
SATB 8: 38 4 (>6,884)
SATB 7: 24 5 (>9,714)
SATB 6: 28 5 (>10,043)
SATB 5: 23 8 (>16,332)
SATB 4: 27 9 (>18,528)
SATB 3: 32 15 (>22,389)
SATB 2: 52 13 (>18,680)
CSATB 1: 77 36 (>37,869)

Interestingly, SATB 17 actually debuted at #291 with 487 copies sold in its first week, but jumped to a high of #157 with 749 copies sold in its second week.

The highest-charting SATB was SATB 5, which debuted at #23 with about 6,500 units sold in its first week, though the first SATB sold the most copies overall. For comparison, SATB 19 debuted at #111 with ~900 copies sold, while the most recent Exit Tunes Vocaloid compilation, Vocalofuture, debuted at #7 with ~9,000 copies sold its first week. No wonder the Exit Tunes website acts like SATB doesn’t exist anymore.

01. [4:33] Prism Sympathy / MK feat. Sayuri + maburu-choko
02. [5:01] Jumping!! / Flash back Dominant feat. si-na + Latte
03. [4:21] Vitalization / Hommarju feat. mi-mi
04. [2:56] Hajimari no Umi / airportexpress feat. yumemi
05. [5:50] Fushichou no Flamme / Dizzi Mystica feat. Kana + mi-mi
06. [4:38] Prompt / airportexpress feat. Kana
07. [6:17] Get goal! / Hommarju feat. Sayuri + Natsuhi
08. [3:56] Arigato / airportexpress feat. Yuuji
09. [5:01] wonder fang / Hommarju feat. puchi
10. [4:01] Birth / airportexpress feat. Goneko
11. [4:36] Fight for Liberty / Icon feat. LTT
12. [4:29] ViViD / airportexpress feat. Yurie
13. [4:32] Uchouten Jinsei / plazma feat. Yozu
14. [4:02] Watashi ga Motenai no wa Dou Kangaete mo Omaera ga Warui / kinoto faet. Bavil + R. Cena
15. [4:33] Aoku Yureteiru / Flash back Dominant feat. maburu-choko + 405
16. [4:07] Dou Kangaete mo Watashi wa Warukunai / Acid=Stone Valley feat. 405
17. [4:11] Imayo! Fantasista Doll / plazma feat. si-na + R. Cena
18. [4:45] Sympathy / plazma feat. Natsuhi + mai
19. [4:19] Genshi, Joshi wa, Taiyou Datta. / MK feat. si-na
20. [4:44] Rolling! Rolling! / kinoto feat. Sayuri + Yurie

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7 Responses

  1. Doc-S Says:

    The worst album is also the best in all fields. Though that’s only because it was the first I guess.

    I blame Hommarju because he keeps creating hardcore and dubstep tracks.

  2. chpsv Says:

    yet arrangers need to make ideas to be always creative, but at the same time the track must not be made to deviate from main taste of public towards anime. It was a completely fail while Hommarju start turning too much HARDCORE on album starting from BEST 8 which finally make listeners gone.

  3. Doc-S Says:

    They also miss out a lot of popular songs like irony, No Buts, crossing fields ect. The ones we looked forward to the most.

  4. DanceMaster Says:

    I just checked the data for SATB 20, and it debuted at #133, but only stayed on the charts for 1 week. During that first week it sold around 795 copies, according to Oricon. So, yeah, the downward trend continues. I wonder how much longer before they rebrand it as Speed Anime Vocalo Best, lol.

  5. Doc-S Says:

    Oricon should add digital downloads to the total.

  6. Anonymous Coward Says:

    I listened all the way up to 11 but my real interest dropped after 6, which was okay but didn’t get the same play 1-5 did and still do to this day. I wish there would be some different trance compilations from EXIT TRANCE (like maybe another BGM installment) but it seems like the golden age is over for now at least.

  7. Gaardus Says:

    Yeah, it’s really too bad that they’ve stopped doing ANYTHING that isn’t a main-line SATB release. 🙁

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