Junjou Karem!! Anison Cover Mix!! – Pre-release Info

Junjou Karem!! Anison Cover Mix!!
Release Date: 2/12/14
Price: 1714 yen

Another release in Akiba Koubou’s Anison Cover Mix!! series. 25 tracks are scheduled, and so far most of the announced tracks are repeats. One of the interesting new productions will be a cover of “Say No!,” which was released by Exit Tunes as a single last year.

01. irony / Hanatan
02. Sparkling Daydream. / Kei
03. Eureka Baby / Ayumi
04. Cagayake! Girls / Nanahira
05. Shinryaku no Susume / Ayumi
06. Kimi + Nazo + Watashi de Jump!! / Ayumi
07. Don’t say “lazy” / Mi->Na
08. Over the Future / Kei
09. God knows… / nayuta
10. Say No!
11. reunion
12. Pre-Parade / Usa

Pre-order at CDJapan.

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