Sweet Surrender – Crazy Shakin’ Love (Single) – Digital Downloads

Crazy Shakin’ Love (Single)
Artist: Sweet Surrender
Release Date: 8/19/13
Price: 3.96 USD

Debut single from the idol unit, Sweet Surrender. The second track, “Kirari * Shooting Star,” was produced by Shohei Matsumoto (a.k.a. Heavens Wire) and features a classic Hime Trance sound. The single is available digitally worldwide on a number of platforms, including Amazon MP3 and iTunes.

01. [4:05] Crazy Shakin’ Love
02. [5:28] Kirari * Shooting Star
03. [4:05] Crazy Shakin’ Love (Inst Ver.)
04. [5:28] Kirari * Shooting Star (Inst Ver.)

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