Toho R&B House Party Vol. 1 – Final Release Info

Toho R&B House Party Vol. 1
Artist: Halozy
Release Date: 8/12/13
Price: 1429 yen

Unlike Vol. 0, which consisted of only 3 tracks, Vol. 1 of the Toho R&B series features a full 8 tracks plus a bonus remix.

01. Wow Wow Scraem / sumijun feat. Nanahira
02. Rock in the Spark / sumijun feat. Domino Amayado
03. Turn the World / feat. peRoco.
04. Somewhere I was / lapix feat. Nachi Sakaue
05. It is so beautiful / crouka feat. nene
06. EDM 4 JMR / lapix feat. Usa
07. Patchouliko (katsu+sumijun R&B House Revival) / katsu+sumijun feat. Momobako
08. Monosugoi Ikioi de Keine ga Monosugoi Uta ( Remix) / sumijun feat. Nanahira
09. Wow Wow Scream (DJ katsu Club Edit) / sumijun feat. Nanahira

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