Exit Trance presents Speed Anime Trance Best 21 – Final Release Info

Exit Trance presents Speed Anime Trance Best 21
Release Date: 4/2/14
Price: 1905 yen

Update (4/1/14): The album is up on iTunes Japan, and despite the fewer tracks it’s still 1800 yen. Also, the track lengths I posted previously were apparently for the iTunes release. The CD version is definitely a non-stop mix, as the edits are a bit shorter than the digital release.

The first SATB release of 2014 is out this week, and the announcement that it’ll only have 15 tracks is like an admission that the series is on its last legs. Cutting the number of tracks is a frequent cost-saving measure when sales slow down. Dancemania went from ~25 down to 18, Super Eurobeat went from 18 to 15, and even the original Exit Trance series went from 48 to 24 to 20 before they stopped completely.

MK gets the most tracks with 4, with Dizzi Mystica not far behind with 3. Icon, plazma, and Hommarju get 2 each, while the remaining tracks are split between Flash back dominant and kinoto. Acid=Stone Valley, who only made his return to the series a couple of albums ago, makes no appearance here. The Exit Tunes website is still advertising the CD as a non-stop mix, though the edits are quite long given the number of tracks.

Bonus items include a strap, bath poster, and postcard. They can’t even afford the clear files anymore ;_;

I’ve updated the sales charts with sales of SATB 20. The first number is the top position the album reached, while the second number indicates how many weeks the album stayed on the charts. The third number, where available, is total units sold. Total sales are sourced from a Japanese blog that keeps track of anime/vocaloid sales on Oricon charts, and are the latest totals available. Total sales are most likely a bit higher that the last reported number.

SATB 19 sold 929 copies its first week out, so by week two it only sold another 288 copies. If SATB 20 followed that pattern, I wonder if it even sold 1,500 copies total.

SATB 20: 133 1 (>795)
SATB 19: 111 2 (>1,217)
SATB 18: 76 3 (>1,820)
SATB 17: 157 3 (>1,643)
SATB 16: 70 3 (>2,380)
SATB 15: 75 3 (>2,330)
SATB 14: 64 3 (>2,488)
SATB 13: 51 4 (>3,594)
SATB 12: 64 3 (>2,995)
SATB 11: 62 3 (>3,090)
SATB 10: 59 3 (>3,711)
SATB 9: 40 6 (>7,243)
SATB 8: 38 4 (>6,884)
SATB 7: 24 5 (>9,714)
SATB 6: 28 5 (>10,043)
SATB 5: 23 8 (>16,332)
SATB 4: 27 9 (>18,528)
SATB 3: 32 15 (>22,389)
SATB 2: 52 13 (>18,680)
CSATB 1: 77 36 (>37,869)

01. [4:08] Maware! Setsugekka / plazma feat. si-na + Yurie
02. [5:36] Music S.T.A.R.T!! / MK feat. Sayuri + 405
03. [4:39] True Blue Traveler / Flash back Dominant feat. Latte
04. [3:47] Stand Up!!!! / kinoto feat. Satsuki + maburu-choko
05. [4:43] Todokanai Koi / plazma feat. Kana
06. [4:37] Synchomanica / Dizzi Mystica feat. MFMW
07. [4:53] Nanairo Biyori / MK feat. 405
08. [5:57] The Other self / Dizzi Mystica feat. hideki
09. [5:01] Walk / Icon feat. LTT
10. [4:40] Imagination>Reality / MK feat. puchi
11. [5:18] Anicca / Dizzi Mystica feat. Haruka
12. [4:07] Mo·Gi·Ta·Te Fruits Girls / Icon feat. Sayuri + Satsuki
13. [4:59] Sirius / Hommarji feat. mai
14. [4:29] Beautiful Sky / MK feat. Sayuri + Natsuhi
15. [4:56] Kakumei Dualism / Hommarju feat. mi-mi + hideki

Pre-order at CDJapan.

19 Responses

  1. Gaardus Says:

    Something’s not quite right here…

  2. DanceMaster Says:

    Haha, whoops, sorry. A lot of these posts are written months in advance, and sometimes I forget to update them with the actual final info. Thanks for the heads-up.

  3. Doc-S Says:

    Well, if there’s no Hommarju hardcore/gabba rubbish I may still get it.

  4. Doc-S Says:

    Looks like the CD will not be mixed.

  5. DanceMaster Says:

    Sorry, I’ve updated the post. Retailers have updated their info with new track lengths that indicate that it will be a non-stop mix (and only 61 minutes at that). I’m not sure why Quake gave them the digital track lengths before.

  6. Doc-S Says:

    It would have been really strange for the CD to be extended.

  7. DanceMaster Says:

    More bad news for Exit Trance. DJ Uto just tweeted that he’s leaving Exit Tunes, the company that he essentially created. It’s possible it was an April Fool’s joke, but it was posted when it was already April 2 in Japan. I guess we’ll see…

  8. Doc-S Says:

    Oh man, I hope if he does leave someone steps in to improve things.

  9. DanceMaster Says:

    It’s been almost 24 hours and there’s been no retraction, so it’s looking pretty official. A lot of Exit Tunes artists are wishing him well: https://twitter.com/utodj/status/451188803059732480

    My worry is that he was the only one who was keeping SATB alive since he’s always been a strong proponent of trance. I mean, he even got Quake Trance Best 23 released in 2012, long after the trance boom died out.

    On the other hand, it’s also possible he’s leaving to start a new company, which is what DJ U*Hey? did when he left FARM.

  10. Doc-S Says:

    Well, since Exit Tunes is now 95% officially ‘Vocaloid Tunes’ then that wouldn’t be a bad move.

  11. DanceMaster Says:

    It’s official. DJ Uto has been removed from the Artists page. Exit Tunes is now a wholly owned subsidiary of Pony Canyon, and its new president is Sushaku Yoshida (also the current president of Pony Canyon). DJ Uto tweeted that he’s a “nice guy,” but I wouldn’t be surprised if it becomes 100% Vocaloid Tunes.

  12. Doc-S Says:

    Being a nice guy doesn’t mean squat.
    I think J-trance is officially dead.

  13. Ananas Says:

    I think J-trance has been dead for a while and SATB has been its ghost.

  14. DanceMaster Says:

    Sales data is out for SATB 21. In its first week it reached 127th place on the Oricon charts with sales of 813 copies. That’s a very slight improvement over SATB 20, despite the fewer tracks. I think there’s still some life left in the series.

  15. Doc-S Says:

    Well I still bought it on iTunes. In the UK, iTunes sales make up the chart. Japan are still living in the past.

  16. DanceMaster Says:

    More encouraging news. Unlike SATB 20, 21 managed to stay in the top 300 for a second week. I don’t see it on the anime top 200 iTunes chart, though.

    And what’s up with the Exit Tunes website redesign? It’s so much less functional than it was before, although at least SATB 21 is on the front page for a change.

  17. Doc-S Says:

    You can’t access any of their back catalog. Though anitra.jp is still as normal. Guess it’s part of the new takeover.

  18. DanceMaster Says:

    The old release page is still up: http://9819.jp/release.html

    There’s also a new artist page up that doesn’t seem to be linked to: http://9819.jp/artist/

  19. Doc-S Says:

    I was wondering where the artist page went.
    Seeing it full of vocaloid producers is another nail in the trance coffin.

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