Mafia’s Blood ~Dateotoko Bright no Yuganda Aijou~ Vol. 02 – Final Release Info

Mafia’s Blood ~Dateotoko Bright no Yuganda Aijou~ Vol. 02
Artist: Ken Takeuchi
Release Date: 5/21/14
Price: 1852 yen

Second in a planned trilogy of “Mafia’s Blood” drama CDs. The featured voice actor on this volume will be Ken Takeuchi. Check out the official site for more info.

01. [7:27] Scene 1 Doko e Iku no, Kirei na Ojousan?
02. [7:27] Scene 2 Ponkotsu Bodyguard
03. [5:13] Scene 3 Kore ga Shigoto no Teguchi?
04. [13:04] Scene 4 Safe House e Youkoso
05. [24:25] Scene 5 Koukishin no Daishou
06. [5:14] Scene 6 Chikai to Okite to Pasta
07. [6:01] Moshi Mafia to Locker Nai ni Tojikomeraretara Bright Hen (Bonus Scene)
08. [2:07] Takeuchi Ken (Cast Comment)

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