Exit Trance presents Speed Anime Trance Best 22 – Pre-release Info

Exit Trance presents Speed Anime Trance Best 22
Release Date: 10/1/14
Price: 2000 yen

It looks like the reports of SATB’s death have been greatly exaggerated. The 22nd release in the series lands on October 1, which probably means there’ll only be two releases this year after all, but I guess that’s better than one. Surprisingly, the album is already listed on the official SATB website. Scheduled tracks include the OP themes from Jojo, Sidonia, and No Game No Life. 20 tracks are scheduled for now, but the last time they said that it turned into 15. Here’s hoping they go back to at least 18.

01. Stand Proud (Anime “Jojo no Kimyou na Bouken Stardust Crusaders” OP Theme)
02. Sore wa Bokutachi no Kiseki (Anime “Love Live! 2nd Season” OP Theme)
03. This game (Anime “No Game No Life” OP Theme)
04. Sidonia (Anime “Sidonia no Kishi” OP Theme)

Pre-order at CDJapan.

8 Responses

  1. MelancholyArtist Says:

    I actually want to listen to it, believing the big changes in Exit Tunes still coming.

  2. Marianne Says:

    Trance versions for the anime music for Winter 2014 & Spring 2014 in the volume 22 of the exit trance presents series will be out on Oct. 1, 2014. I hope that hey release on it.

  3. Doc-S Says:

    I can’t see it being any different than the last few volumes.

  4. ZweilousRage Says:

    Well I’m actually stoked. Keep on truckin’ ET!

  5. Doc-S Says:

    Well they are the only label still releasing trance. Even if it always a hardcore/house track somewhere.

  6. Doc-S Says:

    Guess what? It’s only 17 tracks >.>

  7. DanceMaster Says:

    Boo, no “Let It Go.” What a wasted opportunity.

  8. Doc-S Says:

    I wouldn’t expect much from the artist list either when it’s revealed.

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