Super Best Trance Summer Drive – EP – Digital Downloads

Super Best Trance Summer Drive – EP
Release Date: 7/23/14
Price: 500 yen

Welp, I think Avex are just straight up trolling now. It’s been a year since the first set of SBT EPs came and went, but it looks like they’re releasing at least one new SBT EP this year. First of all, it’s 50 yen more expensive than before. Second, the edits of most of the tracks are quite short, basically radio edit length. But to really rub salt in the wound, they chose mostly non-trance remixes. Three out of the five songs are basically hyper techno. It can’t be said enough: Fuck you, Avex.

01. [4:34] Tokyo, Go! (Hands in the Air Mix) / John Robinson
02. [3:14] Ass Up! (DJ Ten Remix) / Baracuda
03. [3:30] Can’t Undo This!! 2006 / Sham-Poo feat. Yinling of Joytoy
04. [5:02] Heaven / DJ Kaya feat. Keen
05. [3:39] Can U Feel It? / John Robinson

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  1. Doc-S Says:

    Is trance really this dead? That even Super Best is shoving techno?
    I’m craving something good from this year.

  2. DanceMaster Says:

    There’s actually been a bit of a trance revival this year. DJ U*Hey? and DJ Kaya have been spinning at Ultra Trance every month since March, and there was even a Trance Rave vs Mega Trance party recently to celebrate the release of OHC’s new EP. There’ll also be a Cyber Trance 2014 event coming up in September.

    Now, whether or not these parties will translate into albums remains to be seen. There were Cyber Trance events the past two years, too, but Avex didn’t release albums to commemorate them.

  3. Doc-S Says:

    Parties don’t mean anything to me, something I can buy does.
    Although that does show a little life still exists.

  4. DanceMaster Says:

    The parties usually come before the albums, and I think there’s a small chance we could get a digital Ultra Trance release. Then again, Star Music has been content releasing the same old house repeats for a year now, so who knows if U*Hey? can be arsed to do new music.

    I think I mentioned it elsewhere, but 2014 will be the 10th anniversary of a number of series like Mega Trance, Trance Paradise, and Super Best Trance. I think Avex would be the most likely to do a release, as FARM and EMI haven’t bothered with trance in years.

  5. skibblesx Says:

    eh, if anything, I’ll have hope that they’re like my WLTP vinyls where they’re “Extends” but they’re only 3 minutes. with 30 second intros and 15 second outros with only like 2 go arounds with the song. it’s something though. Which is good for me for performances.

    But Doc, whine all you want the parties do mean a lot because the recent upswing in parties could be potential revivals. So I’m happy with it. Be happy the scene is still alive, sorry it isn’t revolving around what you want lmao.

  6. skibblesx Says:

    Also they labeled the John Robinson Track wrong, it’s just a sped up version of the original from what i can tell of the sample. the Hands in the Air Mix is a slower eurodance rendition

  7. Komoguri Says:

    Are you kidding me?! Those are the best tracks and not one of them is an extended except for maybe heaven, but that was already released as full on SBT 09. Can you feel it can be bought on SBT 10 EP on Mora in complete form and Ass Up can be bought on other sites as well in extended form. Why bother releasing this, especially when your charging more for shortened songs which have extended releases elsewhere. How low can go.

  8. skibblesx Says:

    Im not to stressed about it, it’s really just a re-release of songs from other labels that you can already buy in extended form. Heaven isn’t that good of a song but it’s not released in extended anywhere else so it’ll do.

    Both John Robinson tracks are easily available on Vinyl, Maxi Singles, and Digital, Ass Up has been released on Vinyl and Digital editions.

    As far as Im aware Can’t Undo This!! 2006 never existed outside of radio edits like Are U Wake Up

  9. skibblesx Says:

    Scratch that last bit.
    buy it kids 8)

  10. DanceMaster Says:

    That’s sort of the point Komoguri was making: this release is pretty much pointless. It’s radio edits of tracks that are readily available and/or not even trance to begin with.

    And, yes, that vinyl has “Can’t Undo This!! 2006 (Original Club Mix),” which is almost 6 minutes in length, in addition to the radio edit and a cappella.

  11. DanceMaster Says:

    Oh, wow, there’s a pretty awesome trance party coming up:

    DJ Kaya, OHC, U*Hey?, DJ Ozawa, ET-Q, DJ Ten, DJ Yoshinori and others. It’s like a reunion ;_;

  12. skibblesx Says:


    And it’s happening to same weekend as Campus Summit! Looks like it’ll be a promising weekend 8)

  13. Vincent Says:

    Too bad Delaction isn’t there.

  14. Doc-S Says:

    I take back everything I said.

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