Mafia’s Blood ~Sousakan Jail no Futatsu no Houyou~ Vol. 05 – Final Release Info

Mafia’s Blood ~Sousakan Jail no Futatsu no Houyou~ Vol. 05
Artist: Kaito Ishikawa
Release Date: 9/17/14
Price: 2000 yen

Second release in the second trilogy of “Mafia’s Blood” drama CDs. The featured voice actor on this volume will be Kaito Ishikawa. Check out the official site for more info. If you collect all three releases, you can get a special cardboard case.

01. [3:49] Scene 1 Sousakan wa Totsuzen ni
02. [7:37] Scene 2 Torishirabeshitsu e Youkoso
03. [10:20] Scene 3 Mou Hitotsu no Soubou
04. [5:13] Scene 4 Mimimoto no Ha
05. [7:23] Scene 5 Shounen no Hi no Ketsui
06. [7:59] Scene 6 Darts no Hyouteki
07. [6:32] Scene 7 Hikigane o Hiita no Ha
08. [15:55] Scene 8 Futatsu no Houyou
Bonus Scene
09. [4:55] Moshi Mafia to Locker Nai ni Tojikomeraretara Jail Hen
Cast Comment
10? [2:03] Ishikawa Kaito

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