Kankore Eurobeat Rei – Final Release Info

Kankore Eurobeat Rei
Release Date: 10/26/14
Price: 1000 yen

Kankore Eurobeat Kai is the third release in the series featuring eurobeat arrangements of KanColle themes. This one is probably the most trance-heavy entry in the series.

01. Eurobeat-ppoi “Aki no Chinjufu”
02. Eurobeat-ppoi “Ganka no Igou”
03. Eurobeat-ppoi “Musashi no Kitou”
04. Eurobeat-ppoi “Akizuki no Sora”
05. Eurobeat-ppoi “Meiishi no Koushou”
06. Eurobeat-ppoi “AL Sakusen Saishuu Maku”
Bonus Track
07. “Kankore Eurobeat Rei” non stop mega mix

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