kors k – Let’s Do It Again!! – Final Release Info

Let’s Do It Again!!
Artist: kors k
Release Date: 3/18/15
Price: 2500 yen

The second major album from kors k. Bonus items include a cell phone strap, sticker, and poster. Retailer-exclusive bonuses include special remix CDs featuring remixes by DJ Shimamura and kors k. The official website has samples and more info.

01. [1:42] Let’s Do It Again!! Intro (Original side) / kors k
02. [5:32] Big Ship (Original side) / kors k feat. Yukacco & MC Stone
03. [5:10] Tokyo (Original side) / kors k
04. [4:40] I’m On Fire (Original side) / kors k
05. [6:55] Programmed Gaia (Original side) / kors k feat. SH-01
06. [4:14] Raise Your Hands Up (Original side) / The 4th
07. [4:02] Weekend (Original side) / kors k feat. Makino
08. [6:09] New Lights (Extended Mix) [beatmaniaIIDX 20 tricoro] (Original side) / kors k
09. [4:23] On My Wings (Ryu? Remix) (Remix side) / kors k
10. [6:56] Shibuya Jungle (lapix Remix) (Remix side) / kors k
11. [5:07] Because of You (Akira Complex Remix) (Remix side) / kors k
12. [4:41] Ultra Hardcore (P*Light Remix) (Remix side) / kors k
13. [6:18] Big Ship (Hommarju Remix) (Remix side) / kors k feat. Yukacco & MC Stone
14. [5:01] Nirvana (Camellia’s “BinaryHeaven” Remix) (Remix side) / kors k feat. ?IRE

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