Saifam Speed – April/May/June/July 2011

Posted by DanceMaster on July 4, 2011

Saifam Speed – April/May/June/July 2011
Artist: Various Artists

The latest batch of Speed tracks includes a United Forces remix of the Avril Lavigne song, “What the Hell.”

The bad news is that Saifam have apparently cut back on their download service dramatically. For the time being only the 50 most recent tracks will be available for download on their website. That means all older tracks will no longer be available directly from Saifam. Most of their back Speed catalogue is still available on Juno Downloads and DJ Download, but unfortunately some tracks are missing. For instance, SPE169 doesn’t appear to be available anywhere anymore.

SPE166 – [4:49] Price Tag (Speed Mix) / Tornados
SPE167 – [5:24] What the Hell (United Forces Hardcore Remix) / Sheldon
SPE168 – [4:36] Black & Yellow (Speedo Mix) / MC Speed
SPE169 – [?:??] Legs / Mazerati
SPE170 – [5:10] I Can Transform Ya (The Factory Speedo Mix) / MC Boy
SPE171 – [4:23] Something That I Want (Speedomix) / Speedmaster

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  1. DJ Tomoe says:

    Most of these are songs I don’t like, so I haven’t been keeping up to date.
    The What The Hell remix does look interesting, tough.

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