Pandora – Celebration

Artist: Pandora
Release Date: 8/20/08
Price: 1886 yen

Pandora is back! Celebration features new remixes of classic Pandora tracks from her first and second albums. The album was actually released late last year in European territories, but the Japanese version will have at least one new bonus track, “Call Me,” as well as different cover art.

The album was released in Europe by EMI/Capitol, but the Japanese release will be handled by Pony Canyon, parent company of Quake Holdings. Hopefully that means we’ll be seeing Pandora on Exit Trance in the future.

01. [3:21] Come On and Do It (Playmaker’s Do It Mix)
02. [3:46] Trust Me (Vasco & Millboy Radio Edit)
03. [3:42] Don’t You Know (Soundcruiser’s Radio Edit)
04. [4:06] The Naked Sun (Desert Heavy Rock Mix)
05. [3:09] Tell the World (Pitchtunes vs. Playmaker Radio Edit)
06. [5:08] Don’t Worry (Worry Free Mix)
07. [3:28] One of a Kind (Koyra’s Electro Mix)
08. [3:41] On a Night Like This (Playmaker’s Mix)
09. [3:26] The Sands of Time (Flamenco Mix)
10. [3:17] Call Me (Radio Edit)
11. [5:52] One of Us (Vinylshakerz 101 Mix)
12. [5:35] Come On and Do It (JS16 Do It Mix)
13. [6:11] Trust Me (Vasco & Millboy Extended)
14. [7:21] Don’t You Know (Magic Mitch & DJ Nico Reagaton Mix)
15. [6:10] On a Night Like This (JS16 L8 Nite Radio Edit)
16. [5:54] Don’t Worry (Blue House Effect in Effect Mix)
17. [3:17] Tell the World (Groove Maniax Casablanca Edit)

Pre-order at CDJapan.

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