Captain Jack – Best of DVD

Coming November 2008, presumably in Germany and other European territories. I remember that they originally wanted to release a DVD to coincide with the Greatest Hits album back in 2005, but nothing ever materialized. Maybe this time it’ll actually come out. It’d certainly be nice to have all of CJ’s videos in one place.

And something else I never knew: Franky Gee wasn’t the original CJ. o_O According to the official website, he was preceded by a guy named James Durbin.

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  1. reporter Says:

    His name was actually “Durban White” and he was never officially Captain Jack. He simply stood in during live performances (and the first video) until Franky was ready. Franky was always the guy behind the captain jack personality from the beginning. The company just wants to downplay those facts. They can’t even get that guys name right; that speaks well enough to me.

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