Quake Trance Best.19 – Pre-release Info

Quake Trance Best 19Quake Trance Best.19
Release Date: 8/23/08
Price: 1905 yen

Quake Trance has been somewhat neglected in recent months in favor of the more lucrative Exit Trance series. The 19th release in the series was originally supposed to come out in July, but was delayed to August, making it a full 5 months since the last release. In the past, new releases would come out every 3 months, so it’s clear that DJ Uto has new priorities.

Only a few tracks have been announced so far:

01. Yozora (Trance Cover) / Originally by Miliyah Kato
02. Come On (Trance Cover) / Originally by Charlie
03. Caipirinha / Carinho
04. Undecided / Cascada
05. Undecided / Liz Kay
06. Caramelldansen / Caramell

I think “Caramelldansen” just surpassed “Sousei no Aquarion” as the most overexposed song of the year. We’ll know for sure if other labels start commissioning their own covers, or if it somehow shows up on TranceMaster 2.

As always, the album will be mixed by the original trance gansta, DJ Uto.
Trance Gangsta

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